Key Issues

Kate cares deeply about Melrose and improving the quality of life for all.  For her, the job of Alderman-At-Large is about figuring out how to make her neighbors’ lives better. Running for the Board of Alderman is a natural extension of that passion.

Spurring Economic Development: Kate believes strongly in promoting a strong commercial sector of small business owners to complement and support our residential base. The local commercial sector provides Melrose with an important source of revenue, and smart commercial growth in appropriate areas, supported by sound planning, improves the quality of life for Melrose residents by providing us with access to goods and services. In her first term, Kate--

  • Proposed an ordinance to address vacant commercial properties in Melrose.
  • Ensured responsible zoning for all marijuana-related establishments.

Strengthening Our Schools: Given her significant background in public education – as a teacher, at the federal level, in the private sector, and now in state government, Kate will be an important link between the School Committee and the Board of Aldermen. Support for Melrose public schools keeps our community strong, and sufficient, wisely targeted funds to recruit and retain high-quality educators and to ensure adequate physical infrastructure are critical. In her first term, Kate--

  • Created and filled the role of the Board's liaision to the School Committee.
  • Endorsed the tax override after analyzing all state and local data.

Sharpening the Board of Alderman’s Oversight of the Annual City Budget: The annual budget is the most important document that Melrose creates; it is a statement of what we value as a community and should reflect the perspectives of all of our neighbors. The Board of Aldermen must approve the budget every year. Given this vital role, the Board should be a critical thought partner with the Mayor and City managers, pushing our City’s leadership to be creative about our investments. In her role as General Counsel at the Executive Office of Education, Kate has worked on several Massachusetts state budgets and is eager to be an engaged, analytical leader in this process. In her first term, Kate --

  • Pressed Department heads for sufficient information to pass FY19 budget.
  • Encouraged elimination of health benefits for Aldermen to realize cost savings.
  • Was elected to Chair of the Appropriations Committee.

Enhancing Street Safety: Kate serves on the Melrose Complete Streets Working Group, which identifies road projects for state funding that improve safety and accessibility. The Working Group has prioritized projects close to schools, public buildings, and businesses. The Working Group further accepted Kate's suggestions to prioritize (1) projects near our seniors and (2) projects that address public safety concerns. In her first term, Kate --

  • Supported City's sucessful bid for $400K in state funding for street projects.
  • Advocated successfully for crosswalks at the McCarthy Apartments and on Lebanon and for improved street signs downtown.